I have christened this sad boy Kalai. It means peace. I know it's something he's never ever felt before. Far from. But I will grit my teeth with ever ounce of fear I have, to pray he gets through this, and bring him peace. And love. To make him whole. This boy is so broken....he just wants to make it so he's not here. The bone stuck in his mouth inhibiting him from closing his mouth was really quite large. And stunk of rot. Reeked!!!! Tonight he is tucked up in his bed. Warm and toasty. On pain relief and antibiotics. I am so relieved because the reason he can't open his mouth was due to a bone stuck. This is the best result we could have ever hoped for. Infection is high. He could have died had he stayed out there any longer. Lights on candles burn bright for Kalai. And so Kalai stays for x-rays. We didn't have time to do them at the Finca before he could be seen by the specialists and so they will look at everything. Which in his condition is far better for he needs sedation. His articulations/joints are very affected, and have no range of movement. His eyes affected but looks like it's scarred from perhaps an old ulcer. This he will have to be seen by Fidel for, when the time comes to be able to take him to Malaga safely. He smells if rot sadly and so is producing a massive infection from the mouth and bleeds. On examination it looks like there's a possibility however small and I won't get my hopes up, that he could have something stuck. Under sedation he can be x-rayed and examined without pain. It's hard to leave him so broken in fear. His ability to walk in fear shows how broken he is, scared of his own shadow. Frozen to succumb. It's heart breaking. All over again. For now I leave him in the best hands. And go from there. Update: 07/05/2024 where Kalai is concerned, there's no way of knowing why his eye is this way. He has a negative read of leishmania. There's never been such a foreign object. But it could well be that from the inability to remove the bone caught in the jaw had caused pressure behind his eye, the vessels are all inflamed and the eye seen on the photo is his not Mera's. Or it could be that he has a pressure issue from the heart. When he's calm ar the Finca we will eradicate this by a thorax x-ray. And while the specialist thought she heard a murmur it could be because he was stressed. For now he equally carries om with drops and he also returns on 2 weeks to see where we're at. Both were champions and Mera ( who also went to see the ophthalmologist) huge support for Kalai in the Malaga streets. Update 21/05/2024 Kalai and Mera have been for their revisions at the Ophthalmologist today. They have good news. Thw photos are of Kalai where you can see the vessels in the eye are shrinking. This is also we think due to taking tension tablets. I'm convinced this is from his mouth issue with the bone stuck that he had. He returns in 2 weeks. Update: 11/06/2024 Well Kalai has been recommended to see a cardiologist. For when his stress levels are up, his eye goes red. Which we see and why he takes medication as a trial for the pressure. But just in case it's coming or has an issue from his heart it's a way to know. Negative to filaria, Introducing Lei ( meaning flower or child) pronounced Lay. This girls has been for 2 years so say with her galguero where he couldn't touch her. She didn't like her he told me. She walked out with me on the lead, reserved and haunted, but I think glad to see a ticket out of there. She's scared and unsure. And it's understandable. It's a hard life for these souls in Spain. It's so so hard. For now...it's all just OK. Whatever it is. It's OK. We will get there Lei. A new day has dawned. Update 30/11/2022 Lei has been sterilized. Negative leishmania, erlichea, filaria, anaplasma and babesia. Lei arrived kn 13/09/2022, erlichea, leishmania