I have christened this boy "Kenji" it has a meaning of "Strong"....For all the days and nights of nothingness....just empty days and nights. As his hunger reigned on he was strong. His Will power was strong. His heart strong in the yearning to give into someone. And someone to love him back. When strong wasn't good enough, he was stronger. Hold on. Kenji you are a someone. You are beautiful. And you belong. Welcome to the 112 CG fold, where your worries are mine and my heart is yours. For all of time. I promise. Kenji is getting ready for his dinner. At this time he has small amounts of meals often. For his skeletal malnourished delicate condition won't allow for heavy meals. I shudder at what he has gone through. Am so disgusted at times in the human race. And yet blessed with Good people such as yourselves for whom without help, Kenji and others like him wouldn't be able to be here st all. From Kenji's heart and mine, thank you endlessly. Update 30/05/2024 kenji has been castrated today and in recovery. Ears checked, cleaned. No dental needed as his teethy are great at this time. Update 28/06/2024 Today we repeated Kenji's bloods and again all negative. Making him pretty much almost ready for adoption. It's really a miracle he's Negative to Filaria, Erlichea, Anaplasma, Leishmania, and Babesia