I'd like to introduce Camellia. Cerezo's daughter. She made it. He lives on in her. Camellia the pretty pink plant I named her for just like her father's name, means it's properties are so powerful to heal the skin, to even heal scars. There I know will be many inside from where she's come from. But I know her father's strength in her, her sibling Hanami's passion in her will hold her strong. See her through. You sweet sweet girl are the epitemy of, " My life, My freedom" . And Cerezo's seen you home. Welcome sweet one. We will do you proud Cerezo. I promise to love her. Cherish her and never forsake her. Make her days happy and free. Negative to Filaria, Erlichea, Anaplasma, Leishmania and Babesia. Update: 19/03/2024 Harlan and Camellia graduated to the orchard and into Spirits Bay