Ivanna - available for adoption upon completion of treatment. DOB: 11/11/2022 I christened this lil lady Ivanna. Meaning God's Gracious. She's 2 years old. And needs for sure some filling out and condition. Negative leishmania, erlichea, filaria, anaplasma and babesia. Albumin a lil low. But here's hoping good nutrition and rest will help rebalance. UPDATE - 05/01/2024: I have sensational news for Ivanna I'm soooooo relieved. Her PCR results are back in, to which aside the meningitis type we covered everything with PCR other disease and Leishmania. However the meningitis she has is her own body it is not virical which is sensational news. She remains on her cortisone treatment for a month and is revised by Juanmi then. It is here that she has graduated to the orchard Perhaps not yet to mix with all but her new bay yes. And also to keep resting as she is very very thin still. She will make a good recovery. I'm delighted.