Introducing Kimana...( meaning Butterfly) this is a special name and special meaning. For butterfly is special to Rosa, and Sebastian. It's meaning for a free be soft. Gentle. Beautiful. Spiritual free and angelic. To fly free, on the wings of change. The evolution of beauty within themselves. Free. For eternity. This my love is your name. For all you symbolize. Your days will come in time, where stressed and being enclosed in pain will sweet girl will break free and fly....the beauty you hold within will blossom. This I promise. Welcome Kimana. Update 30/11/2024 Kimana has been sterilized today and is in recovery. Update 22/01/2024 Today Kimana has had her teeth clean and in recovery. Kimana came to us August 16/2022. She was tested negative on Erlichea, Anaplasma, Filaria, Leishmania and Babesia