This beautiful gentle 9 year old Irish greyhound, now named Malaya, is looking for her forever and she is able to travel to Canada. Irish greyhounds are not uncommon in Spain and a few have found their way to the finca. Is there someone who can offer this girl a loving home where she will live out her golden years surrounded by love and comfort? Clear of Mediterranean diseases. UPDATE - 20/04/2024: Malaya's biopsy report came back today from the tumor removed from the mammary glands. There's a small part malignant but very tiny so we got it just in time. And got all of it. In one clean capsule. So there's no reason to think that it will ever metastasize. She's still recovering quietly. She's one sweet champion girl. 17/04/2024: This morning Malaya headed into surgery for her sterilisation. Being elderly is hard, but what makes it worse is that she has several large mammary tumors. The surgery could be long and hard. If it looks like too much for her on a long schedule, Then she may have the sterilisation and then the a bit later reopen for her tumors to be removed. At this time it depends on her and how she holds the surgery. Malaya has been sterilised And a tumor removed from the mammary. It will be going for lab biopsy and the entire capsule has been removed. She rests in recovery. Lights on, candles burn bright for Malaya today.