Introducing Misu I absolutely had my doubts with this sweet child in her absolute bones. Bringing her to the finca directly I'd guessed she was either struggling with a phantom pregnancy. In pup. Or an infected uterous. She jumped out of the garden Bay looking for somewhere to give birth to. And placing her in the finca clinic she within moments gave birth. Welcome babies.... Clever mama. 1 boy 1 girl. For now... With no sign of birth, we have to take Misu into surgery for the 6th baby. Causing a mess of feeding her babies after aneasthetic. Seb Del Rio Holden leaves to go and buy baby formula ... Lights on, candles burn bright for mama. She's weak and tired. And in her bones. This is so sad. Mama Misu is through surgery, While baby 6 came out blue she's alive. Mama Misu is struggling a little at the moment and very white. In recovery. It's a group effort where everyones hands are needed. Sofia Del Rio Holden came home from classes in time to help out and head to residency with Rosa Delgado Meléndez to take bloods of the new galgos. Rosa and Seb Del Rio Holden hands on deck, Sen had record time to go and buy a quick box of formula, and get back in time for baby 6 because she didn't get to nuzzle mama. The drugs used means babies cannot milk for 4 hours. The fort has been held down by Martine De Prins and Inge Vanoirbeek to whom I'm so sorry I've been unable to spend time with as yet. That was an against the clock surgery, and there's a hope for new life. Her name ever present... The ripples of water... Her babies, the ripples of the future with no hunting attached. So sr galguero she got the last laugh. It could have been so different. Had she not been here the babies would have been killed, and she'd of lost her life with the inability to have the 6th baby born. It's 1.30am and mama Misu has had an emergancy surgery. We've just finished. Rosa came and, boy is it ever good to see Sofia back in the clinic it was all hands on deck tonight for the babies. Mama Misu had a hemorrhage bleed, which has now been controlled. She's very weak. And all that can be done to see her through has been done and is being done. If she makes it through the night, then she should make it. This girl has been starved snd I'm disgusted at the way she's been treated. But I'll save my anger for another time. We will take it in turns to bottle feed tonight. And well, see what tomorrow looks like when it comes. Roaa comes back to put Mama Misu on a drip. She's begun levadura (yeast) .. this should help milk production if its not too late. Hands on deck for baby feeding as Seb Del Rio Holden makes more bottles ready to feed hungry babies. Let the ripples flow of love and oceans of it. Lights on, candles burn bright for Misu and her babies. Negative Filaria, Erlichea, Leishmaniasis, Babesia, Anaplasma **** Mama Misu hangs out with the BIG kids today. She says if she finds her forever she cannot guarantee she won't jump.. so minimum 6ft 2m fence is required for Misu. Maybe you'd like an independant super star in your family... She's a fierce mama. A protector and guider. A best friend. Loyal. A true best friend. Misu for adoption