Nerissa A profound name .. of supernatural legendary creatures, derived from the Latin spiritus( spirit) seems so apt for a galga. For they're spiritual souls with an everlasting love. Welcome spritely one. UPDATE - 04/08/2023: Makari and Nerissa come home Finally... Next week Tokyo UPDATE - 08/08/2023: Nerissa has been sterilised today and in recovery. UPDATE - 09/10/2023: Today Nerissa had a part of her Thyroid gland taken for Biopsy. So we can see exactly what we're dealing with. It's with caution I hold my breath. Lights on, candles burn bright for Nerissa 🩷 UPDATE - 24/10/2023: Nerissas biopsy results are back. Showing the oddest thing. Her lymph glands had actually moved over the thyroid gland, causing the swelling that was felt and thought thryroid. Or tumoral. She's on treatment to lower the lymph swelling and see what happens. This is the best outcome we could have hoped for as we'd actually wondered about the worst scenario. For now she's observed and see how she goes. Hoping to boost her immunity. And we'll, go from there. I would like Nerissa to find a family but for now we're just keeping a close eye. Kim Duhaime ... Good news for Nerissa. DOB: 09/12/2013 Negative leishmania erlichea Filaria anaplasma babesia