Sesame ( brindle skeleton boy) I named this boy a sweet name. Because I simply like it. The sweet tiny sesame seed that's planted in the soil, will grow to be enriched with color and delight. Welcome to the fold. We take lil Sesame to the clinic to place on a drip. His brother keeps coming to check him while he lays on the floor. Everytime we've ever taken in galgos from immensely harsh situations in filth they've not messed inside. It's incredible. Sesame needs fluids and rest. They are plagued still with ticks and despite the fumigation you constantly feel like something is crawling on you. Why these critters were created God only knows. This lil boy is weak. Not as weak as Esteban. But not great. All are testing immediately positive to erlichea and anaplasma. All are starting treatment today. Lights on, candles burn bright for Sesame today. Update-19/07/2023 sweet Esteban and Sesame are drip free for a while. Now hydrated we see if they can maintain their own fluid levels. Someone is a lil brighter but very very weak. Update: 20/07/2023 Today Esteban had a bath. It was hard for him at one point walking him back to the clinic he sat down exhausted and cried. Both boys are without a drip today which is positive. But when the body needs red blood cells and nowhere to take them from too much energy can not be used. A bath Esteban really needed. Losing fur because it's all dead, at the pace that he is meant he needed a bath in a certain shampoo which has recently come out onto the market via vet labs for certain bacterias and a spray as opposed to using an antibiotic. Each of the 6 will be bathed in this shampoo and wounds sprayed with this new product which were told is incredible. An incredible 76 euros but one bottle for free works well as in the state they are in the baths are going to be frequent. All it does is loosen the dirt. This lil boy is in such a state it's sad to see. But. .we're looking at boys that are turning a corner. Sesame I was going to bath. But his psychological state I don't feel could handle it. If temperatures lower tomorrow both boys will head back to thw garden bay even for a little while to be with their family. That's when he can be bath in this specific shampoo. And recover from being handled with his oack. He struggles gently. Esteban just sits and screams. A sad pitiful scream. It's a shock to even hear it pierce my ears and heart. Only time will show them all that their past is over. It is simply over Update: 24/07/2023 As much as Sesame didn't sign up for bath time today it was necessary. He just had to have a bath. Demons are way inside this boy and the fear he expresses from his eyes is hard to bare. But I am sure within his own skin he will feel a little better. Cleaner....well not quite it's going to take I don't know how many baths to wash away the filth that's embedded in them. But we keep going. The innocent of a brothers love Finbar by his side. 16/08/2023: Sesame was castrated while I was away, and was in recovery. But clearly now he's recuperated and back into the garden bay. Negative Folaria,Leishmania and Babesia. Positive to Amaplasma and Erlichea