Introducing Tallulah for the simple fresh meaning of flowing water in a peaceful greenery of surrounding peace. Both souls are worried. Tallulah came to us together with Brule, who looks so much like her in appearance. I'm grateful for the confidence from Cuidad animal to care for their souls and bring them forward from their fears and past traumas. So many dogs and being unable to work individually I understand and hope we can do them justice. I for sure do my best. I'm sure in time the sweetness of Brule and glowing water of Talluah will breathe peace and harmony. Uodate: 22/09/2022 Stress....Trauma...PTSD. none spcialisation...and absolute pure abuse in breaking a souls down lays before us in Tallulah. We see it over and over again. In Tallulah's case, today I step in as her trauma is so high. She leaves the garden bay behind and goes into Leo's bay. For here she will see a balanced way of life and in that a new beginning is before her. My heart has hurt for this sweet child since her arrival. There's something so locked inside. She just can not handle life. Her fear consumes her. I'm truly concerned for her state of mind and condition of her fur....and in general. Update: 12/03/2023 I am so proud of this lil elderly girl I could burst. You're so doing it Tallulah...living freedom. Tallulah cane to us May 14/2022. She was tested negative on Erlichia, anaplasma, filaria , babesia and leishmania