Special Home Needed

For Adoption to Experienced Home
Introducing Viviana - For Adoption to Experienced Home This name. Means " alive" I have christened her this name for she almost didn't live. A shot to the head and a blow would have meant she's no more. But the twist of fate stepped in, and word reached in a desperate plea and I could not be responsible on my shoulders the death of this girl. Black Vs PINK... And while the weight of the world is on my shoulders, her world, her recovery I took it. I have also named this girl for a very special birthday present to Susie Andersson we don't have much to give ourselves, but Susie I hope this gesture makes you smile for it is your mama’s name and this way she will continue to be alive in all this girl does. She will blossom like the flowers you have in mummy's garden and I promise her she will be able to stop and smell flowers as she grows. Welcome. Viviana Viviana came out of surgery awhile ago, and the good news is that just above the joint has been able to be plated. Had there been a fracture on it or just under it she'd of needed the artrodesis surgery. Which would have been more invasive and more limiting In the future. Luck was truly on her side. However, absolute maximum care and attention must be in her recovery as at this joint just beneath it there is a slight movement. This as the plate heals and fuses together will take it's time around 3 weeks to settle, and this in time will fuse the slight movement. So I'm told complete rest and restpite. She stays tonight in the clinic, and tomorrow will have an immediate bandage change before coming home. At 10am Nilo and Aletta head to the specialists for a bandage change and then all 3 come home. Since the atrodesis isn’t used then the surgery should be less. So I'm hopeful of that. The most important thing is Viviana and that she's had her surgery and recovers to be whole. This is what fear can do, fear of the hand and fear of the unknown. For how are they supposed to know? She hid behind the external part of the treadmill. Now she rests in the baby pen area by the clinic getting fresh air. And a soft bed. Sweet Viviana.. it's going to be all alright. The fincas’ fracture cases rest in the quarentine bay gently. Negative diseases.